The Zipper Queen

Monday, April 22, 2019
I've been sewing for 42 years, and zippers have always been one of my biggest fears.  I just said no to anything that had a zipper.  But Saturday, I walked up to my Hobby Lobby fabric cutting counter and was greeted by, "It's the Zipper Queen!"  Apparently what I've learned in my vast two months of zipper experience has earned me a title!

My first tries were simple 6x8 open pocket pouches with a bit of lace added.  This awesome alpaca print was a custom print and is also out of print - which is such a shame because we all just loved these little guys.

Of course the next step was to put a pocket or divider inside, so I downsized to a 5x7 and added a divider and two small pockets inside.  This ended up being the perfect size for a deck of Tarot cards and a couple nice sized crystals.

Once my niece saw that I was making zip pouches, she requested a keychain credit card pouch to carry her ID, and my aunt had to have one big enough to hold 30 cards... so I had to learn how to make an even smaller pouch that opened up on the side for easy access.  Gussets are tricky... but wow, doing a zipper around a curve!  I've gotten the hang of it, but it's still something I have to stop and take a deep breath before tackling.

Knowing how much my girls and I love our crystals, I took the credit card pouch idea, added a smidge to the size, lots of pockets, and a mitered bottom, and now we have a crystal carry pouch!  The next step was to go even smaller so we could carry just a few tumbles on our keychain.

By now, I feel like I can zipper-fy anything!  And being a Sagittarian on the Scorpio cusp with my moon in Taurus... I like beautiful things. :-)  So I took one of my favorite quilting methods and created a crazy quilt zip pouch.

Then we needed zippered pockets on the front!  And THEN the small keychain credit card pouches with the zipper on the front.

To finish off my purse accessories theme, I designed a soft padded eyeglass case.

And to make things even crazier, this week I made a zippered tablet cover with a Star fabric tarot card recreation on the front that has a wristlet strap.

And next?!  I get to play with some fabulous custom printed fabric and make a large zip pouch with a zipper pocket in the front and the back, divider and pockets inside, AND done in a mermaid and dragon scale theme. Oh yeah!  Stay tuned for pictures!  Signing off - The Zipper Queen.


  1. Marymac said...:

    Darlene, your talent knows no bounds! ❤

  1. Aw, you're awesome! Thank you, dear! <3

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