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Wednesday, June 19, 2019
Spring has kept me busy working outdoors in the garden, but between watering and weeding, I found a couple of new projects to bring the garden in the house.  Unfortunately, I have killed every single plant I've ever tried to grow inside.  I actually stuck my dying pothos and Christmas cactus outside in hopes to save some of it - and they are now thriving.

But when I saw the idea for these fabric covered flower pots, I HAD, had, had to make them, and I just happened to have this cool wrought iron hanger that a friend had given me years ago - and of course, I couldn't get anything to grow in the pots.

There was definitely one thing here - and a LOT of that one thing - that I can not kill.  Crystals!  So I got to work on covering my little clay pots with fabric and filling them with mini crystal gardens.  I thought these were still missing the plants, but I also realized that these are not going to be waterproof.  Putting dirt in them and watering them was not going to work. 

Air plants!  That was the answer. These little guys just get misted 2-3 times a week, not enough to cause damage to the pots.   Isn't that little baby just adorable?!

And did you notice the butterfly?!?!  Those are made with 
two layers of complementary fabric and folded origami style.

I also added some of my favorite craft to these, kanzashi fabric flowers!  These truly add something extra special to the little pots, and the possibilities are endless.  My next goal is to fill one of the fabric pots with a whole bouquet of fabric flowers and butterflies.
A couple of weeks ago, I made a few of these adorable fabric hanging owls, so of course we had to have matching pots for those!  The owls are also meant for indoor hanging - it makes a beautiful sun catcher with the caged crystal moons and array of suspended seed bead "stars."
Each of these has its own unique personality and is custom made in your choice of fabrics.  I love who whimsical this little lady is.  Her "moon" is moss agate, and her limb is adorned with faden quartz, a fiery piece of citrine and beautiful sparkling blue celestite.  I loved her so much that she's hanging over my sink.

Here are some more of the cuties!

I've got all sorts of new things coming up!  I've made my first A-Door-Nament, and we added a couple of pockets inside to make it useful as well as pretty. I keep my hand pruners for the garden and the remote clicker for my fountain lights in there.  They're always handy as I'm headed out the door.  And I've made the cutest fabric bookmarks you've ever seen!  If I do say so myself. 

AND I have a new soap mold!  The first batch of 
massage bars sold out fast!  These are going to be a favorite. 

Now I'm off to the craft room to get started on a new bag idea, wash up all today's soap dishes, and get ready for another batch tomorrow.  Summer starts in only a week, but it's time to stock up for Autumn's craft fairs.  See you again soon!


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