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This page is for all home sewing items that I have in stock and ready to ship.  I stay very busy with custom sewing, so you might find just a few things listed on this page.  You can, however, visit this link and request a custom item from my collection.

Sea Turtle Purse Accessory Set, $50

6x8" wristlet with front and back zipper pockets, 2 small pockets inside, and a divider inside that creates two larger separate areas.

The mitered bottom gives you lots of space.  You'll also love all the little details like the complementary sparkling water lining fabric, aqua metallic embroidery stitching, and beaded zipper pulls.


Day of The Dead Purse Accessory Set, $20

Includes soft padded eyeglass case, keychain lip balm cozy, and small keychain change pouch.

Sugar Skull Purse Accessory Set, $25

Includes 6x8 zip pouch adorned with lace and skull appliques (pictured on right), soft padded eyeglass case, keychain lip balm cozy.  You can also get the pouch with no lace. (bottom picture)




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